North West appears to roast James Charles with hilarious lip-sync video

21 November 2022, 12:18

North West jumps on the James Charles lip-sync trend in new video

Katie Louise Smith

By Katie Louise Smith

“Did I just get eaten up by North West?”

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North West, the undisputed Queen of TikTok, appears to have lightly roasted James Charles in one of her latest videos, after jumping on a viral trend that pokes fun at the way he lip-syncs.

In case you haven't been on TikTok in a hot minute, there's currently a trend going round where people imitate and exaggerate James' lip and tongue movements in lip-sync videos.

It all started back in August when James mimed along to Nicki Minaj’s ‘Super Freaky Girl’. Fans noticed that James tends to stick his tongue out a lot when he’s lip-syncing, and they’ve been roasting him over it for weeks.

In fact, it’s turned into a bit of a trend on the app, with users stitching and recreating his videos. And now, he appears to have been humbled by North West.

James Charles reacts to North West's hilarious lip-sync video
James Charles reacts to North West's hilarious lip-sync video. Picture: @jamescharles, @kimandnorth via TikTok

In a brand new video shared to the @kimandnorth TikTok account, North lip-syncs along to 'Sleigh Ride' while doing the viral James Charles tongue thing.

Kim Kardashian has previously shared that North is a big fan of James, but it’s unclear if the 9-year-old is actually aware that the trend is based on his TikToks.

James, on the other hand, seems pretty sure that she definitely knows.

After seeing the clip, James jumped on with a stitch and replied: “Did I just get eaten up by North West?” Thankfully, he saw the funny side of the whole thing and captioned his video: “truly an honor @Kim and North”

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Being roasted by the Queen of TikTok herself? The HIGHEST of honours, actually.

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