The "No gay has" meme will make you question your sexuality

13 March 2019, 15:21

Kylie Jenner confused/No gay tweet
The "No gay has" meme will make you question your sexuality. Picture: E!/Twitter/@saltyandfat
Jazmin Duribe

By Jazmin Duribe

The relatable "No gay has" meme is killing the internet right now.

2018 memes have nothing on the best memes of 2019. Who is she? We don't even know her… In this month alone we've had the "Summoning Circle" meme, which has been making all our wishes come true, and the "I got the horses in the back" meme which inspired the hilarious "Yeehaw challenge" on Tik Tok.

Now it's all about the "No gay has" meme, which has spread even further than LGBTQ+ Twitter. The idea is pretty simple, people are just listing qualities that are a mark of success but are seemingly impossible for gay people to have, based on stereotypes.

Apparently, it all started on Tumblr before it trickled down to Twitter. Luckily we've found some of the most hilarious ones for you to check out here.

It started with people just listing five attributes.

But eventually it grew.

And sometimes it doesn't even require that many.

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