NikkieTutotials calls out Ellen Degeneres for being “cold” and “distant”

31 March 2020, 13:01

NikkieTutorials slams Ellen DeGeneres in damning interview

Sam  Prance

By Sam Prance

NikkieTutorials said that Ellen DeGeneres wouldn't even shake her hand after she opened up about being transgender on her show.

NikkieTutorials has slated Ellen DeGeneres in a De Wereld Draait Door interview about her experience on her US talk show.

Earlier this year (Jan 13), YouTuber Nikkie de Jager came out as trans. The 26-year-old star shared a video titled 'I'm Coming Out' in which she opened up about her story and explained that she was blackmailed into coming out. Someone threatened to leak her story to the press. Nikkie received universal praise for her video and even went on Ellen to discuss it at length.

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However, NikkieTutorials has now spoken frankly about her time on The Ellen Degeneres Show and it wasn't positive.

NikkieTutotials calls out Ellen Degeneres for being “cold” and “distant”
NikkieTutotials calls out Ellen Degeneres for being “cold” and “distant”. Picture: DWDD, NBC

Nikkie recently appeared as a guest on popular Netherlands programme, DWDD. When she was asked about Ellen, she laughed and said: "Well let's just say there's a huge difference between this show and Ellen and I'm saying that in favour of this show." She then explained herself further: "It's nice that you came and said 'Hi' before the show started. She didn't."

Nikkie added: "Ellen is just such a different world. It functions differently." When asked if Ellen was "More distant, colder?", Nikkie replied: "A little". She then continued to state: "It was a huge honour to be on that stage with Ellen but it wasn't as nice as I thought it would be."

In a separate Netherlands radio interview, Nikkie said: "I'm glad that I experienced it but next time I'll just visit a show here again instead." She also confirmed that Ellen didn't even shake her hand when the cameras were off after the interview.

As it stands, Ellen is yet to address Nikkie's comments. We shall update you if she does.