Nikita Dragun is being accused of being "anti-black" for wearing box braids

10 September 2019, 17:35

Nikita Dragun on Instagram.
Nikita Dragun on Instagram. Picture: @nikita_dragun via Instagram
Jazmin Duribe

By Jazmin Duribe

"She's been problematic since the very first day. I'm tired of people not calling her out."

Nikita Dragun is receiving backlash for "cultural appropriation" after sharing a photo of herself wearing braids for New York Fashion Week. Now, you'd think she'd have learnt after being called out for putting a black man on a dog leash for the MTV Video Music Awards last month...or from Miss Kendall Jenner, who was hit with the same backlash when she decided to wear cornrows whilst out for dinner in Los Angeles. Evidently, not.

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Nikita shared photos of herself wearing super long, icy blonde box braids and a fur coat. The YouTuber addressed her hairstyle in an Instagram post, which read: "Verified i would just like to take this moment to show my love and appreciation for all the gorgeous black women in my life and also to those that follow me.

"I was inspired to do this box braid wig because i find it so beautiful. too often there’s a double standard when another person takes inspiration from black culture. suddenly it’s a new trend or it’s renamed to be something else. hearing stories of black women being sent home from school or work because of their braids is beyond disheartening. I will always use my platform to spread awareness and equality for all but especially for women! and that’s on period love [sic]."

To make matters worse, she hopped on her Instagram Story to further dig herself a hole and insist that she doesn't want to "disrespect" anyone but that braids are also in her Native American culture too.

"This is a protective hairstyle used to protect the hair," she said. "I would never want to offend anybody. Being part Native American, we also have and stuff like that."

Needless to say, that didn't stop the backlash from coming.

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