Nicole TV looking up and down at a phone is now the internet's favourite meme

20 September 2019, 19:29

Nicky Idika

By Nicky Idika

Nicole Tv (aka Kayla Nicole Jones) is going viral again because of a video with Deshae Frost where she is looking down at a phone screen and smiling.

Internet personality Nicole TV is going viral on social media (again) after the internet memed a hilarious clip of her looking down at something and smiling as she looks back up. Nicole Tv, aka Kayla Nicole Jones, has gone viral in the past - including earlier this year when a video of her getting frustrated while straightening her hair in the bathroom inspired some truly iconic memes.

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Nicole TV looking up and down at a phone screen and smiling original video:

The original video of Nicole looking up and down at a phone with a smile came from a longer collab video with fellow YouTuber Deshea Frost. In the skit, captioned "when she don't look like what she looks like on Instagram," Deshea's character compares photos of Nicole on Instagram to her more laidback appearance in real life.

Nicole's facial expressions at the end of the video make for true comedy gold and people are turning her hilarious smile and unphased stare into some pretty hysterical memes.

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Nicole's face at the end had people coming up with some truly awkward relationship scenarios.

We've all been here.

And we've all DEFINITELY been here.

I said what I SAID.

At the pearly gates looking at the incriminating footage 👀


I can explain...

He's cute....for you.


"What city were you born in and what time EXACTLY?!"

What do you guys think? What's your favourite Nicole TV meme?