QUIZ: This is the most impossible quiz of 2019

17 December 2019, 16:47

The Most Impossible Quiz 2019
The Most Impossible Quiz 2019. Picture: Marvel Studios, Darkroom, HBO
Katie Louise Smith

By Katie Louise Smith

Hero of the year? Best TV Ship? Favourite music video? Time to cast your votes!

Well, it's that time again... the sweet, sweet year's end. Thankfully, 2019 wasn't *as* trash as the few years we've had to live through before it. It was a phenomenal year for TV and film. It was a great year for music too and the memes? Chef's kiss. Honestly.

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But now, it's time for you, dear reader, to choose your fave moments, best moments and worst moments of the year in our Most Impossible 2019 Quiz. Do your opinions match up with everyone else's or are you alone in your taste in memes? All you've gotta do is choose your winners from the categories below... no pressure. No pressure at all.

So, without further ado, here it is. Choose wisely!

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