People are giving Momo a makeover and it's now a meme

1 March 2019, 14:42

Momo Challenge
Momo just got a makeover. Picture: YouTube/Twitter/@coolteenmom
Jazmin Duribe

By Jazmin Duribe

The Momo Challenge has had a wholesome makeover.

So you've probably heard about Momo by now, right? She's the creepy "woman" that has had the internet shook this week. It's been reported that parents are worried for their children after a photo of Momo began circulating the web again, making it's way into WhatsApp conversations and even YouTube videos.

What is the Momo challenge? Are the videos dangerous? How is Peppa Pig involved?

Momo – which is actually just a photo of a Japanese sculpture called Mother Bird – was used in a distressing YouTube challenge that prompted children to take their own lives or harm themselves. If they didn't do as Momo said it threatened to kill them.


However, some are now thinking it's a hoax. Police in the UK have not reported any cases of children taking their own lives because of Momo. Meanwhile, charities like NSPCC and Samaritans have said they're not aware of any evidence that Momo is causing kids to harm themselves.

Although it's pretty serious and disturbing, Momo is everywhere, and soon the internet started creating Momo memes. But now people are taking back the power and transforming Momo from terrifying into something empowering – you've got to love the internet.

People want Momo to be more positive and are now giving her a much-needed makeover. To be honest, it's a massive improvement… in some cases.

We can't decide if Momo was creepier before or after she was slapped with fake lashes and lipstick but turning such a negative and creepy image into something more positive can only be a good thing. Now, back to some more wholesome memes.