The "Microwave Challenge" is taking over the internet but how do you do it?

22 March 2019, 12:48

Jazmin Duribe

By Jazmin Duribe

Another week, another viral challenge has been born.

The internet is the master of many things and one of them is creating seemingly pointless challenges. It blessed us with the Triangle Dance Challenge, the Vans Challenge and Croc Challenge, but now introducing… the Microwave Challenge.

If you've ever wondered what your food feels like when it's whizzing round in there, now is your chance. The Microwave Challenge puts you in the place of your food just without the devastating effects of radiation, thankfully.

All you have to do is swivel round on the floor just like you're inside a microwave. But the trick is to keep your arms and legs completely still, some even pour themselves a drink whilst doing it. Is it sorcery? Witchcraft? Pure talent? Who knows.

Man doing the Microwave Challenge/confused Nick Young
The "Microwave Challenge" is taking over the internet but how do you do it? Picture: Twitter:@Bryce_Palermo/YouTube/CassyAthena

Where did the Microwave Challenge come from?

Like all viral challenges, it all started on TikTok in February – that app just keeps on giving. It quickly spread to Twitter and now everyone's do it.

However, its origins are disputed because a few members of BTS appeared to perform the tricky microwave spin in a video from 2017.

How do you do the Microwave Challenge?

Erm, that's a tricky one. No-one actually knows the truth. Some have suggested that people are sitting on spinners, or using super thin fishing wire to pull themselves round. Alternatively, you can use one arm to spin your body round slowly and keep it behind you. Just make sure it's on a slippery surface for added ease and no nasty scrapes.

The challenges are usually set to "Slow Dancing in the Dark" by Joji, which features an iconic "ding" just like, well, a microwave.

Although, people are putting other songs into it now too.

Hey, it's not as easy as it looks, some of us need assistance.

And it can just become a total fail...

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