The "me on Ellen" meme is going viral thanks to the Ellen DeGeneres show

5 March 2019, 16:29

Nicky Idika

By Nicky Idika

The "me on Ellen" meme is the perfect take on Ellen's legendary surprises. People are imagining what Ellen DeGeneres would bring out for them on her show and the jokes are hilariously absurd.

By now you're probably familiar with the format of The Ellen DeGeneres Show. Comedian and host Ellen DeGeneres regularly interviews celebrities, brings on everyday guests, and often surprises the people who stop by the daytime mainstay. Ellen has kept fans entertained for 16 seasons and people have now turned her surprise moments into the iconic "me on Ellen" meme.

Ellen's surprises are often legendary. The show has been known to help its non-celebrity guests with money, gifts, and even vacations. Now, people on the internet are imagining what it would be like if they appeared on The Ellen DeGeneres Show and their descriptions are unlike any episode we've ever seen.

The outlandish surprises that people have dreamed up for their own appearances will have you wondering what "me on Ellen" scenario you'd find yourself in.


The format of the "me on Ellen" meme envisions a fictionalised Ellen saying "so I heard you love x". The joke ends with a version of the thing you love coming out on stage and you responding "omg Ellen you didn't."

The "me on Ellen" meme is absurd humour at its finest.

Can you actually imagine this happening on the show?

I've never seen this episode before...

I would like to see it.

Um, I'll take it.

Wait...Ellen. WAIT A MINUTE.

She didn't because she couldn't.

Mashable points out that one of the earliest iterations of the meme came from Twitter user @cavedevice.

So, what would be your dream Ellen scenario? What could Ellen bring out on stage that would make you lose your damn mind? For me, it's definitely gotta be a full 8 hours of sleep. Omg Ellen you didn't!!