The 'shaking mannequin head' meme is going viral and it'll leave you in stitches

17 September 2019, 17:15

Mannequin head, Nicki Minaj laughing.
Mannequin head, Nicki Minaj laughing. Picture: @Colin_Field_, TheEllenShow via YouTube
Jazmin Duribe

By Jazmin Duribe

You'll definitely be able to relate.

The memes have been coming in HOT out of the internet oven this week and it doesn't look like it's slowing down anytime soon. Already, we've had the iconic Keke Palmer meme that has really blown up following her hilarious Vanity Fair interview. Meanwhile, the 'finally fall now i can really start dressin' meme has started emerging again as Autumn rolls in.

But today, we have the latest in meme content – the mannequin head shaking meme. Mannequins have been used in memes in the past, giving us the hilarious mannequin head dance challenge and the mannequin flipping over in bed with a durag on its head.

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The 2019 take is a mannequin head with a red wig on its head shaking violently in what appears to be a shop. It's only made better by the perfectly-timed electronic music going off in the background. Twitter user @Colin_Field_ appeared to be the first to post the hilarious meme and it's really taking off.

First stop, middle-aged white women.

And then over to the caffeine-addicted, coffee drinkers amongst us.

Me. I am the hoe.

Eurgh, I can feel the migraine already.

A classic meme within an meme.



Y tho?

Hey, it's a tough decision.

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