People are using lube as primer as a beauty hack and I honestly cannot

14 October 2021, 16:12

Bretman Rock uses the viral Maybelline Sky High mascara

Jazmin Duribe

By Jazmin Duribe

Question: How did anyone even discover this?!

We truly thought that we had seen it all, but using lube as a primer!? Yeah, this one has taken the cake.

We all know TikTok is the home of dance challenges and viral trends, but it's also where all the latest beauty hacks emerge, and each seems to be more bizarre than the last. So far, the platform has introduced us to using a nail file to grind down our teeth, drawing dark circles beneath our eyes and the dangerous fake freckle trend. But now get ready to add lubricant to your makeup bags.

Apparently, lubricant can be used far beyond the bedroom. In fact, it is the perfect base for your makeup. Like a traditional face primer, which goes beneath your foundation and helps your makeup stay in place and give you a more flawless complexion, lube is thought to give you the same smooth results.

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People are using lube as primer as a beauty hack and I honestly cannot
People are using lube as primer as a beauty hack and I honestly cannot . Picture: @ameliaolivia09 via TikTok

But who started the latest viral beauty hack? Well, we have beauty influencer Lukáš Kohutek to thank (or blame) for that. He appears to be the first to attempt the trend and now the #lubeprimer hashtag has over 7 million views.

In one viral video, @seananthonyv says the lube gives you a "glow" and performs better than a normal primer. In another review, @ameliaolivia09 couldn't believe the flawless results. She said: "Sorry but how does this look nice? How! Why the hell does this kind of work?"

But wait, put down that lube. Unsurprisingly, lube is not great for the skin. Who would have thought? According to Dr. Robert Finney, board-certified cosmetic dermatologist at Entière Dermatology, applying lube to the face could lead to breakouts, irritation or an allergic reaction, especially when using the fragranced varieties. "There are plenty of good primer options designed specifically with your face in mind," he told NYLON.

"Durex Play 2-in-1 has Castor Oil in it. Castor oil can clog pores and lead to breakouts. While not everyone is breakout-prone and may tolerate this just fine, I still wouldn't recommend it."

So, there you have it. If you're looking for a primer it's probably best to stick to products that are specifically designed for the face and leave the lube for, well, um… you know.