Everything Lil Tay claims in her viral Instagram live

2 October 2023, 12:42

Everything Lil Tay claims in her viral Instagram live
Everything Lil Tay claims in her viral Instagram live. Picture: Lil Tay, @liltay via Instagram
Sam  Prance

By Sam Prance

Lil Tay sets the record straight over her viral death hoax and calls out her father Chris Hope in candid livestream.

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After disappearing from the internet for five years, Lil Tay has returned following her shock death hoax.

Confirming her return in an Instagram Live, the viral star is officially back with a new song called 'Sucker 4 Green'. She also did a tell-all Instagram Live addressing her absence, after reports that she died went viral in August. What happened though? Here's a breakdown of everything we learned in Lil Tay's livestream.

In August, news broke that Lil Tay had died. Lil Tay's official Instagram account shared a post claiming that she and her brother had both passed away. Lil Tay later told TMZ that she was hacked, and now the teenage star has set the record straight in a livestream promoting her debut single.

In the video, Lil Tay opens up about the viral death hoax and she alleges that her dad Chris Hope has been abusive to her.

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In the livestream, Lil Tay shows off her impressive classical skills on the piano, performs an acoustic cover of The Eagles hit 'Hotel California' and plays Metallica’s 'Master of Puppets' on electric guitar. She then gets into the specifics of her return.

This is what Lil Tay says in her Instagram live video:

  • Lil Tay claims that her "abusive, absentee" father Chris Hope came back into her life and tried to take over her career and "control" all of her money when she first became famous five years ago.
  • Lil Tay claims that Chris had an "Asian fetish" and would hook up with random women in front of her.
  • Lil Tay also alleges that her stepmother Hanee Hope was "abusive" and would do "the most out of pocket, sexual shit" with Chris in front of her.
  • Lil Tay claims that Chris and Hanee were both physically abusive.
  • Lil Tay claims that Chris and Hanee would force her to watch horror movies that traumatised her.
  • Lil Tay claims that Chris and Hanee would send her to school with rotten food and wouldn't clothe her properly.
  • Lil Tay claims that Chris owes her $250,000 in child support that he still hasn't paid.
  • Lil Tay claims that Chris domestically abused her mother when they were still together.
  • Lil Tay claims that Chris is racist to Black and hispanic people.
  • Lil Tay claims that her father was behind the death hoax. She says the he "was working with this other con artist" and their plan was to "fake my death" to promote crypto coin.
  • Lil Tay says that her mother has always been supportive of her and that she spent her life savings in court to get custody of her and won.

Alongside the livestream, Lil Tay released her new single 'Sucker 4 Green' which is a heavily produced pop song about being obsessed with money. Lil Tay's mother and brother both have cameos in the video. The video has currently been view over 2.4 million times.

LIL TAY - SUCKER 4 GREEN (Official Music Video)

Lil Tay's return has sparked a mixed reaction online. Some people have accused her of faking her death to promote her new song. One person tweeted: "Lil Tay’s fake death was all a publicity stunt for her music."

However, others are encouraging people to listen to what Lil Tay said in her Instagram live. In reference to a video of Lil Tay discussing her father's alleged abuse, a fan wrote: "I don’t see enough people talking about this but it’s incredibly sad. Lil Tay is a victim ):."

As wild as the entire situation is, it's important to take Lil Tay's claims seriously.

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