This New Playstation Game Had A Lesbian Kiss In Its Trailer And The Internet Is Obsessed

12 June 2018, 12:45

last of us 2 kiss
Picture: Sony
Benedict Townsend

By Benedict Townsend

Sony's choice of opening trailer has the whole internet talking

E3 is a massive annual videogames conference where companies show off trailers for their upcoming games.

This year Sony, who makes the Playstation, decided to open their conference with a trailer for the hotly anticipated game 'The Last Of Us 2'. The trailer opens with protagonist Ellie, who is openly gay, sharing a kiss with another girl.

(The trailer then transitions to some dark video game violence so heads up for that).

The Last of Us II Full Gameplay Reveal | Sony E3 2018

The showing of a gay kiss naturally stirred a lot of interest online, not least because video games - or at least big budget video games, have a very poor history of including LGBTQ+ characters, let alone protagonists. Despite Ellie's sexuality being well established previously.

While many others praised the game

And some even edited the trailer down into just the kiss