Larray reveals reason why he never shows his forehead

9 March 2022, 13:34

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Sam  Prance

By Sam Prance

TikTok star Larray always wears hats and bandanas or styles his hair to cover his forehead in his videos.

TikTok star Larray has opened up about the reason why he always covers his forehead in his videos and when he's in public.

Ever since Larray first rose to fame, fans have wondered why he never shows his forehead in his content. The 23-year-old is so popular that he currently has 25.6 million fans on TikTok alone and his videos regularly rack up millions of views on the platform. Not to mention, his comedy single 'Canceled' has been certified Gold in the US for selling 500,000 copies.

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Larray tends to avoid discussing his forehead but he's just revealed the story behind why he always hides it in a viral TokTok.

Has Larray ever shown his forehead?

Larray reveals reason why he never shows his forehead
Larray reveals reason why he never shows his forehead. Picture: @larray via Instagram, @larray via TikTok

Responding to a fan who wrote: "Why don't you ever show your forehead," on one of his videos, Larray posted a new TikTok in which he says: "I get this comment so much but let me tell you a funny story as to why."

Larray then explained: "So back in high school, I used to always wear hats to cover my head because I was insecure about it. Shout out to my bitches with big foreheads in high school 'cause you know it's traumatising. Those kids are ruthless."

He then said: "I remember when I was in high school, I was pooping in the stall and across the room all I hear is, 'Mega mind, your shit stink.' Like what if that was my 13th reason? What if I was suicidal?"

Larray then opened up about an incident in a past relationship. He said: "So I was dating this boy and he would never see my forehead 'cause I was always wearing a hat. I would sleep at his house but I would sleep in my hat. So there was one day where he was like, 'Babe, why don't I ever see you without a hat?' And I'm like, 'Bae, it's 'cause my hair be crazy.'"

Larray added: "So on that lovely day, he decided to feel bold and snatch my hat off my head and then he looks at my forehead and goes, 'Mmm, let's put that back on.'"

Larray actually posted a YouTube video showing his forehead in 2019 but he deleted it shortly afterwards.

A still from Larray's deleted video in which he did a forehead reveal
A still from Larray's deleted video in which he did a forehead reveal. Picture: @larray via YouTube

Following the release of Larray's new TikTok video, fans have rushed to defend him. One person wrote: "I'm so sorry Larray. Your ex was trash for that." Another added: "There is nothing wrong with your forehead. We love you."

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