Kylie Jenner Just Lost Snapchat $1.3 Billion With A Single Tweet

23 February 2018, 11:58

Kylie Jenner Snapchat Tweet
Picture: Snapchat
Katie Louise Smith

By Katie Louise Smith

Kylie's impact could destroy your company on the stock market.

Kylie Jenner has announced that Snapchat as we know it is over. It's done. It's cancelled. Since updating their interface and user experience, the number of users has dropped drastically, people have been deleting the app clean off their phones and petitions have been set up for the creators to revert it back to it's previous state. Speaking at a conference last week, Snapchat CEO Evan Spiegel defended the update, saying they were "excited by what we are seeing so far..."

But he might not be as excited anymore because there's been another development in this tale, my Snapchat friends, and it involves ONE tweet from Queen of Snap Kylie herself.


King Kylie of House Jenner, First of her name, Queen of disappearing, Maker of Lip Kits, Owner of the most liked picture on Instagram, Mother of Stormi and now... Destroyer of Snapchat's worth on the stock market.

On Wednesday, Kylie - who is Snapchat's biggest and most popular celebrity user - tweeted 18 words that wiped out $1.3 BILLION of Snapchat's worth, according to Bloomberg.

The tweet got over 300k likes and had almost 65k comments from her fans saying the same thing. Since tweeting, there's been an increase in the number of negative reviews on the App Store which triggered a significant drop in the value of the company. And if the engagement falls any further, Snapchat could lose a lot more of it's worth.

Kylie wasn't lying when she said she doesn't even open the app anymore either. Last night (Feb 22) she took to Instagram stories to promote her new Kylie Cosmetics "Storm" collection, posting a huge 5 minute long story featuring all her new products. Not a single post was made on Snapchat where she used to promote her products in the past.

Kylie's impact, huh? Never underestimate a Queen.