The ‘Kombucha Girl’ meme has gone viral and it’s super relatable

15 August 2019, 17:42

Kombucha Girl Meme
Kombucha Girl Meme. Picture: TikTok: @brittanyt445
Rachel Finn

By Rachel Finn

Finally, I feel seen.

Ah, memes. Sometimes they understand us most when no-one else in this wretched world does.

The recent ‘show me your Insta next to your Finsta’ challenge saw us at both our best and worst selves, while the recent meme of Idris Elba choking on chicken wings gave us meme-able content for almost every life situation. Next up, there’s the ‘Kombucha Girl’ meme which perfectly encapsulates our indecisive and easily distractible minds.

The meme started life as a video posted by TikTok user @brittanyt445 - real name Brittany Tomlinson - which sees her take a sip of Kombucha (that’s a fermented drink made from sweetened tea) and go through an array of emotions in the process.

She takes a sip of the drink and is met with uncertainty, then disgust and then decides she likes it before deciding that, actually, no, she does not. And it’s applicable to so many situations.

Brittany told Buzzfeed that she was first inspired to try the drink after watching Cody Ko’s video ‘The Kombucha King’.

"I watched Cody Ko's video and thought 'what the actual fuck is this bacteria water,'" she said. "So I bought the cola flavor from Walmart because I'm poor. When I tasted it, it literally tasted like expired coke.”

Her final opinion of the drink, despite her confused reaction? "One thumb up, two thumbs down."