Keanu Reeves memes are taking over the internet and they're so pure

26 June 2019, 22:39

Nicky Idika

By Nicky Idika

Keanu Reeves is officially everyone's favourite meme of 2019 and the internet's love for him is truly wholesome.

Keanu Reeves memes are taking over and the internet's 90s heartthrob boyfriend is seemingly everywhere at the moment.

You can catch Keanu Reeves in the recently released John Wick 3, Netflix's Always Be My Maybe, and the upcoming Toy Story 4. You can also catch him all over the internet as the subject of many memes and viral posts.

The 54-year-old actor is having a major moment online and the people's love for him has spawned the mini Keanu memes, Keanu walking to music meme, and more viral reactions.

The internet is smitten with Keanu Reeves.

People just want the best for Keanu and also for him to fall in love with them, which is pretty reasonable.

There were plenty of Dad Jokes.

Little and big Keanu is...a mood.

Why do these mini Keanu memes just hit different?

Do we deserve the perfection that is the Keanu Reeves walking to music meme? Probably not.

Actually, do we deserve Keanu at all??

Keanu Reeves is truly a gift, you cannot change my mind.