Josh Hutcherson memes are going viral thanks the infamous 'Whistle' edit

5 December 2023, 09:39

Josh Hutcherson speaks Spanish in Five Nights at Freddy’s promo

Katie Louise Smith

By Katie Louise Smith

TikTok is currently flooded with Josh Hutcherson memes thanks to the 2014 Whistle edit.

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If you've been inundated with Josh Hutcherson 'Whistle' memes on TikTok and Twitter recently, you're not the only one.

Thanks to Five Night's At Freddy's and the revival of the Hunger Games, fans are reminding themselves just how much they love Josh Hutcherson. And off the back of the recent Josh Hutcherssance, the infamous Josh Hutcherson - 'Whistle' (2014) fan edit has had a huge resurgence on social media.

In case you're not familiar, back in 2014, when The Hunger Games franchise was coming to an end and Peeta fever was at an all time high, a thirsty fan edit of Josh set to Flo Rida's 'Whistle' went viral.

The video, which features a slideshow of photos of Josh, has had over 1.4 million views since it was published, but it's the opening photo – an overexposed, heavily filtered image of Josh smiling at the camera with his arms behind his head – that has been cemented in meme history.

Now, fans are recirculating the video and the memes are incredible.

How did the Josh Hutcherson Whistle memes start?

Josh Hutcherson memes are going viral thanks the infamous 'Whistle' edit
Josh Hutcherson memes are going viral thanks the infamous 'Whistle' edit. Picture: Tibrina Hobson/WireImage, @just.your.local.idiot via TikTok

The Josh Hutcherson Whistle meme has completely taken over TikTok, with users editing the start of the 'Whistle' video into 'jump scare' edits.

Basically, the aim of the meme is to have Josh's face appear in places where you least expect it, and on the most random and elaborate devices you can find. A coffee art printer? The sky? A calculator screen? Inside a Subway sandwich? The water in the taps of the school bathroom? A tiny black and white printer? The Whistle edit is everywhere. It's inescapable.

It's basically a similar kind of thing as the infamous 'Rick Roll' and it gets funnier every single time.

The memes have also filtered over onto Twitter where the trend has now been dubbed "Getting Josh Hutcherson'd".

On top of the all the video edits, people have also been using AI tools to hide Josh's face from the video within random landscapes.

Iconic. Timeless. Unforgettable. Long live the Josh Hutcherson 'Whistle' memes!

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