The Jonas Brothers' comeback has already inspired memes from envious One Direction fans

1 March 2019, 13:54

Nicky Idika

By Nicky Idika

The Jonas Brothers are back and One Direction fans want their faves back, too.

OG Jonas Brothers fans are having one hell of a week. Not only did The Jonas Brothers get back together, they also came back strong with the buzziest single of the week, "Sucker". Yes, the Jo Bros have reformed and it's safe to say that some other fandoms might be feeling a tad envious.

Jonas Brothers confirm live tour plans with 'special guests'

One Direction fans watching the Jonas Brothers reform are certainly wishing their faves would do the same. In the mean time, Directioners have been sharing memes about their Jonas Brothers fandom envy.

The realisation that One Direction are still on "hiatus" is getting to a lot of people.

Directioners just want a new single and music video, too!

And people were already doing their One Direction return calculations based on the Jo Bro frame work

The Jonas Brothers formally disbanded in 2013 after eight years as a band. Their reformation this year is giving One Direction fans hope that their faves won't be away for SIX LONG YEARS.

One Direction... WHAT'S NOT CLICKING?!

It's been a long road for both Jonas Brothers and One Direction fans. Hopefully, Directioners' time will come soon, or else we'll all be bumping Made In The A.M. at our retirement parties.