JoJo Siwa bought a huge new house and it has its own merch "store"

7 January 2020, 16:15

Katie Louise Smith

By Katie Louise Smith

JoJo's new house contains a merch "store" and her very own "7-Eleven"

Looks like Jeffree Star isn't the only YouTuber kicking off the new year by moving into a big new house... Dancing legend and very very rich teenager JoJo Siwa also moved into a brand new California mansion at the end of 2019 and shared the first look in a house tour on her YouTube channel.

If you cast your minds back to last year, you can probably remember what JoJo's old house used to look like, thanks to the tour she gave North West during their collab video.

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We saw glimpses of JoJo's brightly coloured bedroom, headless mannequins sporting all her most iconic lewks, gumball machines, arcade games, pianos, a looooot of merch and JoJo's very own BMW, that has her face plastered all over it.

Her new house is basically all of that... and more. And it's so big, you can literally hear her voice echoing throughout the video.

JoJo Siwa's new house has enough JoJo merch to fill a store
JoJo Siwa's new house has enough JoJo merch to fill a store. Picture: JoJo Siwa via Youtube

Now, to be fair, JoJo and her family have only just moved into the house so there's still plenty of time for those floor-to-ceiling murals of her own face to be plastered in every room. Don't worry about that.

But in the meantime, JoJo's classy new house boasts a huge foyer with a rather fancy staircase and a piano situated right in the middle of the room, so she can welcome her guests with some classical bops as they walk through the door.

The room also features several glass display boxes that contain her costumed mannequins – and they're scattered around the house in almost every room too.

Welcome to JoJo Siwa's JoJo Siwa palace!
Welcome to JoJo Siwa's JoJo Siwa palace! Picture: JoJo Siwa via YouTube

Leading off the main entrance, there's a "fun room" that houses a candy bar and her own personal "7-Eleven" which includes a nacho station, popcorn machine and slushie makers... you know, the usual. There's also a couple of bathrooms, a guest room, her mum's office, a games room and a MASSIVE kitchen.

Just like her old house, she also has a massive merch room in her garage that now literally looks like a store. (It's bigger than the merch "warehouse" she had in her old house, put it that way. JoJo also wants to have signs made that say "aisle 7" like a supermarket, so she knows where everything is.)

There's also a huge courtyard and garage area outside for her on brand BMW and her on brand Tesla. Oh, and she also has a basketball court and a pool.

JoJo Siwa&squot;s house has a merch "store" and it&squot;s huge
JoJo Siwa's house has a merch "store" and it's huge. Picture: JoJo Siwa via YouTube

Honestly? Not too shabby for a 16-year-old millionaire, huh? We love a successful Dance Queen! JoJo's video only showed us around the downstairs area of her home so expect another video giving us a sneak peak into what's upstairs soon.

Watch JoJo's full house tour video below:

HOUSE TOUR!! - JoJo Siwa