JoJo Siwa fans think she just came out in a TikTok video

21 January 2021, 13:06

JoJo Siwa fans think she just came out on TikTok

Sam  Prance

By Sam Prance

JoJo Siwa later appeared in another TikTok video in which fans think she confirms that she's come out.

JoJo Siwa is currently trending online because fans think that she just came out via TikTok.

Last night (Jan 20), JoJo Siwa took to TikTok to post a video of her lip-syncing to Lady Gaga's 'Born This Way'. However, it wasn't just any part of the song that JoJo used. In the viral clip, JoJo is specifically performing the "no matter gay, straight or bi, lesbian, transgender life" part of the song, complete with rainbow (the Pride symbol) details all over her clothes.

Of course, JoJo fans will already know that she wears rainbow colours all the time. Also, it's possible that she could just be supporting the LGBTQ+ community by posting the video or simply stanning Gaga. However, she later appeared in another TikTok video that has lead fans to believe that she has come out as part of the LGBTQ+ community.

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JoJo Siwa fans think she just came out in a TikTok video
JoJo Siwa fans think she just came out in a TikTok video. Picture: Allen Berezovsky/Getty Images, @jojosiwa via TikTok

Shortly after JoJo posted the video, her friend Kent Boyd shared another video starring JoJo. This one was filmed at Pride House LA, a TikTok House set up specifically for LGBTQ+ creators. Not only that but the video features JoJo dancing to Paramore's 'Now You're One of Us' alongside four notable queer TikTok creators, including Kent himself.

Almost all the comments on both videos are fans asking if JoJo just came out and they quickly made their way to Twitter. One fan tweeted: "DID I JUST WITNESS JOJO SIWA’S COMING OUT VIDEO I AM SO HAPPY ??????"

JoJo has since liked a tweet in which Anastasia Golovashkina has tweeted JoJo's video with the caption: "🏳️‍🌈 @itsjojosiwa is on the right track, she was born this way 💕".

James Charles also commented under JoJo's TikTok video: "I'M SO HAPPY FOR YOU".

It's important to note that, if JoJo has come out, she hasn't put any labels on her sexuality yet and she doesn't need to. We shall keep you posted with any updates.