People are buying "jizzy jewellery" made out of semen

31 August 2022, 16:46

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Emma Kershaw

By Emma Kershaw

Jizzy jewellery? Yeah, it's exactly what you think it is.

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If you’re a fan of homemade jewellery, a viral TikTok trend is taking things to a whole new level. "Jizzy jewellery" is the latest accessory trend, coined by Canadian clay artist Amanda Booth.

Amanda creates sentimental pieces out of ashes and bodily fluids, including breast milk, cremated remains and locks of hair.

One day, someone commented on one of her TikTok videos asking if she had considered making jewellery that incorporated “man juices”. Half-jokingly, she took to Facebook asking if this was something that people would be interested in and, sure enough, clients began to commission Amanda to make these one-of-a-kind pieces.

She creates everything from “pearl” necklaces to bracelets, and she ships off samples of semen to her workshop to be dehydrated, powdered and turned into wearable jewellery items.

Jizzy Jewellery is going viral on TikTok and it's so wild
Jizzy Jewellery is going viral on TikTok and it's so wild. Picture: @amandaldbooth via TikTok, The Wendy Williams Show via YouTube

"It is something that people want and it is something that people have now ordered," she says in a viral video that shows her process. "So I am testing a sample that my husband lovingly provided and I’m going to make myself a few jizzy jewellery pieces."

The TikTok video, which currently has almost 600,000 likes, has attracted thousands of comments from the platform’s users who are all interested – or a tad confused – about the whole concept.

"How did you turn it into powder?" one person queried, with another concerned user adding: "Girl put on GLOVES." "I can get on board with this. I think," wrote a third person.

Vice reported that, while there is an undeniable demand for the pieces, it’s still a niche market. For many of Amanda’s customers, semen jewellery is a "kink thing."

One of Amanda’s customers told the outlet that they and their husband commissioned Amanda to make a simple "pearl" pendant because they wanted "something that symbolises the dominant and submissive aspect of their relationship."

According to the customer, collecting the sample and shipping it off to Amanda was the difficult part: "We ended up opting to have my husband use a condom, and then cut the end off of the condom, to deposit the sample in a specimen tube.

"We then sealed the tube with electrical tape around the cap, and vacuum sealed it before placing it in a padded envelope, to be mailed.”

Those who are interested in commissioning their own piece of “jizzy jewellery” should contact Amanda through her website.

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