Jeffree Star breaks silence after cancelling tour

10 January 2020, 12:22

Jazmin Duribe

By Jazmin Duribe

Jeffree deleted a tweet about stopping the "pain".

Jeffree Star has spoken out for the first time since cancelling his European makeup masterclass tour. The YouTuber pulled out of the four-date event with makeup artist Mmmmitchell because of "unforeseen personal reasons".

The tour was meant to kick off on 10 January in Dublin, Republic of Ireland, but just four days before, the tour organiser Tatti Lashes announced it would no longer be going ahead. Mmmmitchell also shared the news on his Instagram Story, saying he was heartbroken but ultimately he wanted Jeffree to be "happy again".

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Jeffree had been silent on social media for days and his fans were concerned for his wellbeing, with some suggesting Jeffree had split from his boyfriend of almost five years, Nathan Schwandt.

Jeffree Star YouTube
Jeffree Star YouTube. Picture: Jeffree Star via YouTube

While Jeffree hasn't addressed that rumour specifically, he did post his first tweet in five days on 9 January. "Dear God please stop the pain," he wrote, alongside a cold sweat emoji. Jeffree then deleted the tweet within minutes.

Now his fans are even more worried for him than before and hoping that he's okay. "I know it sounds silly to worry about someone you've never met, but I've been sick to my stomach with worry about what's going on with @JeffreeStar we all know he is a very loving and empathetic person, who hurts hard because he cares so much. Should we be worried for his safety?" one wrote.

Jeffree Star Tweet
Jeffree Star Tweet. Picture: @JeffreeStar via Twitter

"This made my anxiety so much worse. I was already worried and have had a knot in my stomach for days, now I’m super anxious and just extremely worried for him. We love you @JeffreeStar #StarFamily," another added.

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Of course, no-one actually knows what pain Jeffree is referring to. We just hope he is doing okay.