Jeffree Star unfollowed Tati Westbrook and now fans think they're not friends anymore

28 October 2019, 13:02

Jazmin Duribe

By Jazmin Duribe

Are Jeffree Star and Tati Westbrook still friends?

It’s hard to keep up with who is friends with who when it comes to the YouTube beauty community and, if the rumours are true, Jeffree Star and Tati Westbrook's relationship is the latest casualty. Jeffree unfollowed Tati on social media and now their fans are trying to figure out what happened.

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Apparently, Jeffree actually unfollowed Tati in September, just before the launch of his documentary series with Shane Dawson. The YouTubers are also collaborating on the highly-anticipated Conspiracy palette together, which falls close to the release of Tati’s first eyeshadow palette Textured Neutrals Vol. 1…hm.

Jeffree and Tati have supported each other for a while and have even featured on each other's YouTube channels in the past. Tati shared a video titled "$5000 FACE MASK with Jeffree Star ... WTF" in June 2017 and also featured on Jeffree's channel that same month in his "Get Ready In My Private Jet" video.

Jeffree Star and Tati Westbrook.
Jeffree Star and Tati Westbrook. Picture: Jeffree Star via YouTube, GlamLifeGuru via YouTube

Jeffree even bought Tati a Louis Vuitton handbag when they first became friends (as you do…) and he famously was fighting Tati's corner during her huge fight with James Charles. And in September, Tati included Jeffree's Magic Star Concealer and Magic Star Powder in her "Full Face of YouTubers' Makeup" video.

However, Jeffree has now unfollowed Tati on both Twitter and Instagram. The former friends haven’t publicly commented on why that is, which has led to speculation from their fans.

Jeffree Star and Tati Westbrook.
Jeffree Star and Tati Westbrook. Picture: GlamLifeGuru via YouTube

Some think it might be because his upcoming palette with Shane Dawson will be released just one week after Tati's. They also noticed that neither Shane or Jeffree publicly congratulated Tati on her palette's release.

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Let's examine the evidence, shall we?

Others claimed Jeffree was literally blocking anyone who supported Tati's palette on Twitter.

Meanwhile, Tati has publicly shown her love to Manny MUA (Jeffree’s former friend turned enemy), who uploaded a review of her palette.

And further proof that Tati and Jeffree's friendship is dead, is her telling interview with E! News. Tati gushed about Jennifer Lopez's makeup artist Scott Barnes, revealing he was one of the only members of the beauty community to congratulate her.

"He's like, 'Babe, I’m so excited for you.' We're going to really show the industry that two powerhouses can actually come together instead of stabbing each other in the back," she explained. "They can support each other and it’s going to be the actual message of beauty. So I'm really excited about that and I’m really excited to show that that can be done, that we both can have success."

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