Jeffree Star explains how Shane Dawson lost $200,000 on an Instagram giveaway

15 October 2019, 12:24

Katie Louise Smith

By Katie Louise Smith

Jeffree Star told Shane that his Anastasia Beverly Hills giveaway post could have earned him a LOT of money.

Shane Dawson's new Jeffree Star documentary is easily one of the most interesting and gripping inside looks at how the beauty and cosmetics industry works.

After just three episodes, we've already found out that Nikkie Tutorials was on the bad end of a deal with Too Faced cosmetics and lost thousands and thousands of dollars following her collaboration.

We've also found out that Shane, who admittedly isn't great with the business side of YouTube and sponsorships, has been getting ripped off on merch "his whole life." (He's now set to drop a new line of merch with Jeffree's company Killer Merch.)

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Now, in episode 3 ('The Dangerous World of Jeffree Star'), Jeffree has revealed that one of Shane's Instagram posts that featured an unsponsored giveaway with cosmetics brand Anastasia Beverly Hills could have earned him hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Shane Dawson learns how much he could have earned from a giveaway post with Anastasia Beverly Hills
Shane Dawson learns how much he could have earned from a giveaway post with Anastasia Beverly Hills. Picture: Shane Dawson via YouTube

"I've never done a giveaway before and I kind of did it as a joke because i accidentally got two of these Anastasia palettes," said Shane, when he told Jeffree about his one of his latest Instagram posts.

After looking at the post, Jeffree then said: "Anastasia could have paid you $200,000+ to do this giveaway. You just gave them so much free publicity which is so cool because they're friends of mine but you could have done at least $250,000 Instagram sponsorship."

"So I could have made $200,000?" Shane replied looking visibly shook.

"Yeah, exactly. Especially with you and Ryland attached to it? $300k..."

Shane then joked, "Should I delete it?"

According to Hopper HQ who have an Instagram Rich List that calculates how much celebrities earn from sponsored posts, people like Kylie Jenner and Ariana Grande can command around $1 million per post. According to CNBC's report, Hopper HQ’s rankings are based on estimates around each user’s number of followers, influencer status, previous endorsements and level of engagement through likes, comments and views, among other metrics.

Shane has 11.1 million Instagram followers and a high engagement rate with over a million likes and thousands of comments per post. Shane's Anastasia Beverly Hills giveaway post alone garnered 2.1m likes and over 370k comments – surely one of his most popular posts of the year.

While there's no fixed figure for Instagram sponcon, Jeffree was right... Shane definitely lost out on a lot of money on this one.