Jeffree Star's Killer Merch slammed after restocking Shane Dawson hoodies amid backlash

6 July 2020, 11:24

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Sam  Prance

By Sam Prance

Killer Merch are selling Shane Dawson hoodies again even though brands have cut ties with him due to his problematic past.

Jeffree Star is facing backlash after his company Killer Merch have announced that they're restocking Shane Dawson merch.

Last month (Jun 27), Shane came under fire, after numerous videos of him in blackface, using the N-word and joking about paedophilia resurfaced. He apologised via YouTube, however, even more problematic videos came to light. In one, he made light of Travyon Martin's death. In another, he pretended to masturbate over an 11-year-old Willow Smith.

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As a result, many brands and influencers have distanced themselves from Shane. Morphe, for example, have removed all of his products from their website. Some outlets are still selling Shane Dawson items, though. Killer Merch, which Jeffree Star co-owns, have just revealed that they've restocked Shane Dawson merch and now Jeffree is being slammed for it.

Jeffree Star slammed after company restocks Shane Dawson merch
Jeffree Star slammed after company restocks Shane Dawson merch. Picture: Jeffree Star Cosmetics / Killer Merch

Last week (Jul 3), Killer Merch tweeted: "All sizes of the Black Embroidered Logo Hoodie are back in stock! @shanedawson #killermerch", alongside a link to all of the Shane Dawson merch items they sell. Immediately, people began criticising Killer merch and Jeffree specifically, for saying nothing with regards to Shane's actions while continuing to sell his products.

One person tweeted: "Jeffree how about you make an actual statement instead of running away from your problems. This isn’t going away." Another added: "maybe they're trying to sell out what merch they have in stock left before completely dropping him, so they don't lose money?" and "who told them posting this was a good idea".

Like, Shane, Jeffree also has a history of racism, and influencers including Jackie Aina have called him out on it. They've also now asked companies, like Morphe, to stop selling his products. Jeffree and Shane have also come under scrutiny recently after Tati Westbrook accused them both of blackmailing other YouTubers in her viral 'BREAKING MY SILENCE' video.

As it stands, Jeffree hasn't responded to any of the recent backlash, including the fact that Killer Merch have just restocked Shane's merch. We shall update you if he does.