Jeffree Star addresses Shane Dawson Conspiracy palette shipping issues

20 November 2019, 16:54

Sam  Prance

By Sam Prance

Jeffree Star and Shane Dawson's Conspiracy collection went on sale three weeks ago but some orders still haven't arrived.

People are calling out Jeffree Star and Shane Dawson because they still haven't been sent their Conspiracy palette orders.

Jeffree Star and Shane Dawson released their highly-anticipated ShanexJeffree Conspiracy collection earlier this month (Nov 1). The collection includes an eyeshadow palette with 18 shades, a mini palette with nine shades, six liquid lipsticks, a clear gloss, makeup bags, a tracksuit and more. The hit collab was so popular that it sold out within hours. Shane and Jeffree have since confirmed that they'll restock the collection in 2020 but fans are still waiting to receive their initial orders.

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Now Jeffree has responded to the backlash surrounding the orders in an extensive set of Instagram Stories.

Jeffree Star explains why Shane Dawson collab orders still haven't arrived
Jeffree Star explains why Shane Dawson collab orders still haven't arrived. Picture: Jeffree Star Cosmetics, @jeffreestarr via Instagram

Taking to Instagram (13 Nov), Jeffree explained why it's taken so long for some palettes to be shipped. He said: "I'm gonna give you guys a shipping update. We have I think about 100,000 more Conspiracy palettes to ship until we're caught up, which is pretty good because, girl, we've never had this many orders in our lives and when you get over half a million orders and over a million palettes sell, girl, it's gonna be a little more crazy than normal."

He then continued: "So if you have an order confirmation from November 1st please do not panic. This has just been such a crazy situation I've never seen this many orders before in my entire life so please bear with us. With this many units sold, we literally need five or six more days. I'm so sorry to everyone who's like, 'Bitch, where's my palette?'. There's only so much manpower and hours in the day, so we are trying our best. We have it under control."

Nevertheless, fans are still disappointed. Not only have some people not received their orders but they haven't even been sent updates on what's going on with them. One person tweeted: "Not trying to be a downer but this whole thing has been a bad experience. 18 days since Palette order 10 days since merch order and radio silence." They then added: "I obviously still love Shane and Jeffree but an update? Please?"

That being said, other customers, who are still waiting on their orders, have received an email explaining the current situation in further depth. Jeffree Star Cosmetics have sent out an email to some people explaining that they intend to ship all orders by 23 November. You can read the entire email below.

In other words, it looks like all Conspiracy orders should be shipped by the end of this week.

We'll update you if Shane and Jeffree announce anything else about the shipping issues.

When did you receive your Conspiracy order?