Jeffree Star reveals huge Hidden Hills mansion in house tour video

2 January 2020, 15:21

Katie Louise Smith

By Katie Louise Smith

Jeffree's new Hidden Hills house includes a three-floor glass elevator, a sauna and spa and a 5,400 sqft "Beauty Barn" that will include a hair salon and manicure station.

In case you haven't heard, Jeffree Star, his boyfriend Nathan Schwandt and their four dogs have moved. The pink Barbie house is no more, the bulletproof vault is no longer with us and a fresh start is about to be had in their new mansion in Hidden Hills, California...which cost $14.6 million, by the way. Whew!

Jeffree and Nathan officially moved into their house just before the new year and on the first day of 2020, they blessed us with a brand new Dream house tour video.

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Before the move, fans caught a glimpse of Jeffree's new place when it was listed on the real estate website. The eight bedrooms, the 13 bathrooms, the screening room, the two-floor gym? It looked absolutely incredible.

And now, Jeffree has given fans a closer and more intimate look at the mansion, with help from Shane Dawson and Ryland Adams.

Jeffree Star's new Hidden Hills home cost $14.6 million
Jeffree Star's new Hidden Hills home cost $14.6 million. Picture: Jeffree Star via YouTube

In the video, Jeffree takes us (and Shane and Ryland) through the house starting in the drive way. The video is over 35 minutes long so here's a quick list of every feature that Jeffree gave us a glimpse of in his tour:

• A slope that leads down into a HUGE showroom-esque garage that can fit around 16 cars.

• A huge entrance foyer with two staircases.

• A security office.

• A massive kitchen with a LOT of fridges.

• A temperature controlled wine cellar with 3 different entrances from 3 different places in the house.


Jeffree Star's new Hidden Hills house has a 3-story elevator
Jeffree Star's new Hidden Hills house has a 3-story elevator. Picture: Jeffree Star via YouTube

• A cinema with a bar and popcorn machines, now called the "Star Theatre". Jeffree is hoping to add a Pinkberry yoghurt bar to the room, too.

• A 'secret' room for all the pinball machines.

• A bathroom with a glass bath. (There's 13 bathrooms in total.)

• A bedroom wing with an adjoining, as Jeffree put it, "10-person orgy shower" and living foyers for each bedroom. Of course, each bedroom has a huge attached walk-in closet, too.

• A two-floor gym attached to the bedroom, complete with a locker room, a sauna and space for a spa.

Jeffree's new pool will soon be turned pink
Jeffree's new pool will soon be turned pink. Picture: Jeffree Star via YouTube

• A meditation room.

• A suite for Jeffree's assistant Maddie, that includes a bedroom, a closet, a balcony, an office, a bathroom and a lil' kitchen.

• A 5,400 square-foot barn which will be turned into Jeffree's "Beauty Barn" complete with full hair salon, nail station and a makeup glam room.

• And last but not least, a huge outdoor living space with a full kitchen, a TV and a massive pool - which will soon be turned pink.

Of course, the house is not just for Jeffree and Nathan, as both of their families will be living there too, including Jeffree's mother.

No doubt we'll see another house tour once all Jeffree and Nathan's modifications and renovations are finished. In a previous video, Jeffree also teased that he's going to build a bigger and better vault in the new house for his valuable Birkin bag collection and designer wardrobe. So stay tuned for that.

Throughout the video, Jeffree also reflects on how far he's come from having "literally dirt nothing" to living in this unbelievably big mansion. So, Lord, I see what you've done for others... and I'm ready to receive.

Watch Jeffree's full house tour video below:

Our New DREAM House Tour!