James Charles & Tfue reveal what happened on their Valentine’s Day “date”

17 February 2020, 16:36

Sophie Thompson

By Sophie Thompson

After a brief public Twitter exchange, James headed all the way to Florida for his semi-blind date with gamer, Tfue...

James Charles has had his fair share of public drama, but romance could finally be in the air for the YouTube beauty mogul, after he publicly asked for a Valentine's Day date on Twitter - and hit it off with gamer, Tfue.

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Tfue, also known as Turner Tenney, is known for his gaming live-streams and has amassed a cool 11.5 million subscribers on YouTube along the way, so when James put a romantic call-out and he replied, fans eagerly awaited to see what would take off.

On Valentine's Day, James tweeted 'Ok who who's gonna take one for the team and be my valentine' before Tfue quickly responded 'me', and before long, James was tweeting about how he'd just made a 'very impulse valentine's decision' accompanied by a plane emoji. Was it a sign?

Apparently so, because following their public conversation, Tfue shared a snap of the pair riding a jet ski in Tampa, Florida with the caption 'It never hurts to shoot your shot'. Given that Tampa is a five-hour flight away from his home in Los Angeles, he must've been keen on the idea.

Surprising fans that he actually went through with the date despite his recent public break-up with fellow streamer, Corinna Kopf, Tfue seemed to have a fun time with the 20 year old as they documented the trip on Instagram Stories, and as left everyone rooting for what might happen between the pair next.

Tfue has never commented publicly on his sexuality, but recently broken up with girlfriend of six months and fellow gamer, Corinna Kopf, after they had a very-public argument during a live-stream on Twitch together. Kopf "jokingly" asked to "take a break" from their relationship because he never flew out to see her - and the whole world was listening in.

Following the pictures from James and Tfue's date, Corinna of course weighed in on the conversation, tweeting: "yoo why is James Charles at my ex’s house all the way in Florida??"

James recently announced on TikTok that he was looking for a boyfriend, and was accepting applications in his own unofficial version of The Bachelor, after struggling with Tinder deleting his profile because the apps creators thought it was fake. He's also no stranger to being cat-fished, with fake conversations from dating apps being posted online to 'make him look bad'. But this wasn't the first time he's had drama in the dating department, as just before this, the internet call him out when they found out that the YouTuber had reportedly listed himself as 'female' so that he would match with straight men.