James Charles roasted for "interrupting" Noah Schnapp and Ryan Reynolds at the PCAs

12 December 2022, 16:58

James Charles opens up about terrifying swatting incident

Sam  Prance

By Sam Prance

James Charles bumped into Noah Schnapp and Ryan Reynolds at the People's Choice Awards.

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James Charles is being roasted online after "interrupting" Noah Schnapp and Ryan Reynolds in the middle of a conversation.

While James Charles, Noah Schnapp and Ryan Reynolds may all be celebrities in their own right, it's unlikely that you have ever seen the names in the same sentence before. James Charles is a controversial beauty YouTuber, Noah Schnapp is one of the breakout stars of Stranger Things and Ryan Reynolds is one of the most successful actors in the world.

Nevertheless, all three of their worlds collided at the People's Choice Awards and now videos from the event are going viral.

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James Charles roasted for "interrupting" Noah Schnapp and Ryan Reynolds in viral video
James Charles roasted for "interrupting" Noah Schnapp and Ryan Reynolds in viral video. Picture: Mark Von Holden/E! Entertainment/NBC via Getty Images, @shelianikkol via TikTok

Shortly after the 2022 People's Choice Awards took place last week, multiple videos went viral in which Noah Schnapp can be seen having a conversation with Ryan Reynolds. So far so normal but James Charles then appears right behind Ryan clearly wanting to talk to Noah. It's unclear whether or not James even realises that it's Ryan Reynolds in front of him.

Before Ryan and Noah finish their conversation, James interrupts the two of them and shakes Noah's hand. It then takes a few moments before James turns and says hi to Ryan. In response, Ryan appears to say goodbye to Noah and leaves. James then proceeds to engage in a longer conversation with Noah.

The videos have gone viral with many people dragging James for not letting Noah and Ryan finish their conversation. One person tweeted: "that video of james charles interrupting a conversation between noah schnapp and ryan reynolds is so embarrassing!"

Another added: "i keep seeing that video of james charles and ryan reynolds and noah schnapp free me from this torture i get so embarrassed for james."

However, since the videos has gone viral other people have come to James' defence.

One person argued: "“interrupts” … this is literally how you greet people.. y’all need to get out more."

Another tweeted: "u guys r reaching…he sat his turn & waited politely for NOAH to acknowledge him… and he shook hands wit BOTH of them and proceeded to back off."

Someone else wrote: "Y’all are so disrespectful in the replies lmao you’ve never went up to someone and started a conversation? I get y’all don’t like him but come on, they’re clearly in a place where MANY people are walking up and starting conversations? He even waited to be addressed lol".

As it stands, James is yet to address the video. We shall update you if he does.

What do you think? Did James interrupt Noah and Ryan?

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