James Charles called out by fans who haven’t received merch orders in four months

22 September 2020, 15:26

James Charles messes around behind the scenes of his Sisters Apparel photoshoot

Jazmin Duribe

By Jazmin Duribe

Some of James' customers haven't received merch they ordered back in May.

James Charles is receiving backlash after Sisters Apparel customers claimed they had not received items they purchased four months ago.

The YouTuber shared an Instagram post on the Sisters Apparel page announcing his new merch. In case you didn't know, James is already embroiled in a feud with H3H3's Ethan Klein over his new colourblock hoodies, with Ethan claiming James copied his wife Hila's Teddy Fresh line.

James announced the "classroom collection" Sisters Apparel line would be launching on September 24, but the comment section beneath the post was lit up with furious messages from people who had not received their merch from as early as May.

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"DO NOT ORDER FROM HIM!! I ordered months ago and haven’t received my merch and haven’t gotten ANY response from customer service," one read. Another added: "Ship out your orders from over a month ago before you worry about a new drop."

A third customer commented: "Can you ship your sisterland merch from 4+ months ago instead of releasing new collections every week!!! thanks." While another snapped: "Please address the problem you have because you haven’t shipped sisterland merch from May."

James hasn't appeared to address the backlash directly, but he apologised for being silent on social media and said he was having a "bad week" on Instagram Stories. He wrote: "Hi babes, sorry for not posting much today. Had a really bad night last night and have been in meetings all morning. Hope everyone is having a better morning than I am."

Meanwhile, Ethan made sure to get a comment in on the whole situation, tweeting: "Unlike james you actually get the hoodie you pay for from."

Sisters Apparel Instagram comments
Sisters Apparel Instagram comments. Picture: @sistersapparel via Instagram
James Charles Instagram Stories
James Charles Instagram Stories. Picture: @jamescharles via Instagram

Whew, a mess.