James Charles recreates Louis Vuitton makeup without photoshop after backlash

18 December 2019, 13:06

Katie Louise Smith

By Katie Louise Smith

Well, looks like James didn't even need photoshop in the first place because he nailed this!

A few weeks after being called out for photoshopping his Louis Vuitton eyeshadow look, James Charles has now taken to social media to prove his talent by creating the look for real – without editing the logos on.

James was slammed on social media when he uploaded an edited picture of an eyeshadow design inspired by the Louis Vuitton Instagram filter. Despite kind-of disclosing that the logos were edited on his Snapchat, he failed to let his followers know when he posted it to his Instagram grid.

Fans were quick to call him out, and then, a day later, James confirmed that the look was photoshopped in a tweet.

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Clearly taking the criticism on board, James has now recreated the look without editing the logos on. Posting on his social media, he shared a video of his LV logo design and it looks pretty damn great.

James Charles posts unedited Louis Vuitton eyeshadow makeup look
James Charles posts unedited Louis Vuitton eyeshadow makeup look. Picture: @jamescharles via Instagram

Alongside the clip, he wrote: "Lesson learned, don't be lazy & photoshop your makeup when you're fully capable of doing the look," with a little angel emoji at the end.

Replying to his tweet, fans were happy to see James prove his talent by creating the look by hand. One fan tweeted: "Ok but we KNEW you could do it so why didnt you the first time? Dont hide your talent under facetune you are too good for that! [sic]"

Another fan wrote: "There’s a scandal that could’ve been easily avoided, nonetheless, it looks AMAZING as usual queen!"

Others were just happy that James admitted to messing up and learned from his mistake: "this is why i respect you. you have actually learned from your mistakes."

Photoshopped eyeshadow fiasco aside, James has been incredibly transparent about the fact that he uses FaceTune and often heavily edits his photos on Instagram.

Addressing the conversation around his Instagram photos back in 2018, James wrote: "I can’t stand when people complain about my photos being edited like yes thank you captain obvious! you guys see me on snapchat all day long & youtube once a week... I have nothing to hide! To me, photography & editing is just as much as an art as the makeup itself!"

Ok. That's it. Scandal over. We're done here. Everyone go home.