James Charles teases huge changes for Instant Influencer season 2

24 June 2020, 17:18

James Charles shares official trailer for his Instant Influencer series

Jazmin Duribe

By Jazmin Duribe

James said the first season of Instant Influencer was "awful".

James Charles has just announced there will be some huge changes coming in Instant Influencer Season 2.

The YouTube original reality series saw six aspiring makeup artists compete for a $50,000 cash prize. James set challenges for the contestants and hosted the show, while President of Anastasia Beverly Hills Norvina was a regular fixture on the judging panel. Ashley Strong won the first series.

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On Tuesday (June 23), James shared a completely unedited YouTube video. The almost hour-long video saw the YouTuber answer questions that fans had sent in whilst doing his makeup.

James Charles teases huge changes for Instant Influencer season 2
James Charles teases huge changes for Instant Influencer season 2. Picture: James Charles via YouTube, YouTube

He started the video off by saying that Instant Influencer is his "biggest accomplishment" to date. "Being able to put out an actual reality show has been a huge dream of mine and the fact we were able to do that is probably my favourite, biggest accomplishment, probably of my entire career," he said.

James Charles then confirmed that there would be a second series of Instant Influencer. He added: "Discussions for Season 2 have already started right now so… spoiler alert! It's coming."

A fan then asked if there were any changes James would like to make for the second series of Instant Influencer, he replied: "Oh my God, so many things."

Watch James' video here.

UNEDITED Makeup Tutorial

He then went into further detail: "The show was amazing. It was so entertaining, we were so proud of it, obviously it was such a positive thing for the community and the artists involved and for us. But, in comparison to what we wanted to do for Season 1, the show was awful. Wait. How do I say this… no, the show wasn't awful.

"Basically, like, we had so many hopes and dreams of what we wanted the show to be like for Season 1, but because it was a Season 1, we weren't able to make a lot of those things happen. So, if you guys thought that the show was good it would have actually been 18 billion times better had we been able to make those things happen."

He continued: "We just weren't able to make it happen because it's Season 1, budgets… There's a lot of things that go into making a show, it's not as easy as just an idea and it happens. There's a lot of people involved and a lot of money involved."

James then confirmed there would be "amazing" changes to the next season but he didn't want to ruin the "surprise" by saying what they would be.

He also didn't say when the drama-filled beauty competition would be coming back, or if Norvina would be returning to the judging panel, but we'll update you as soon as we know.

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