James Charles reveals one of his fan accounts faked cancer and their own death

16 June 2020, 17:14

James Charles looks sister stunning in his latest transformation

Sophie Thompson

By Sophie Thompson

Beauty influencer James Charles has spoken out after discovering a fan account faked cancer and their own death to get his attention.

James Charles is always attracting attention of some form - and when it's not YouTuber drama, it's usually fans going to crazy lengths to get him to notice them.

However, the 21-year-old beauty mogul isn't very happy with one of his fans, after he discovered that they had faked having cancer, and ultimately, their own death, in order to get a response from him. Yikes.

The sentiment of these lies from the particular fan hit close to home for James, as his mother, Christie Dickinson, is a cancer survivor herself.

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An anonymous account fakes the illness to get James' attention.
An anonymous account fakes the illness to get James' attention. Picture: Bryan Bedder/James Charles via YouTube

Taking to Twitter to address his feelings on the situation, James wrote: "I just found out that one of my fan accounts faked cancer and their death...? I understand people wanting to get noticed by their idol but my mom’s a cancer survivor and lying about something so serious just does not sit right in my heart..."

Fans quickly leapt to his defence, many of whom were surprised that James had been fooled by the popular account. The account holder claimed to be terminally ill and went on to post a fake message from their "brother" confirming their death.

One of the anonymous person's final tweets read: "Today is unfortunately my last birthday I'll ever have which sucks I've tried my hardest to get a notice from @jamescharles" - which the YouTuber then replied to.

Unfortunately, fans knew all too well what was going on behind the scenes, and were quick to alert the Instant Influencer host that this was in fact a hoax, and a crazed fan's bid to get his attention.

Since being called out, the account, which was followed by James and a number of other YouTubers, has been deleted, and we hope it's a lesson firmly learnt for anyone trying to pull the same trick.

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