Brendon Urie awkwardly declines James Charles' offer to collab during live Twitch stream

15 July 2019, 13:44

Nicky Idika

By Nicky Idika

"I'm not leaving my house for the rest of the year." Brendon Urie let James Charles down gently after the influencer offered to do his glam during a live Twitch stream.

Brendon Urie awkwardly declined James Charles' offer to do his makeup after the beauty YouTuber offered up his services. During a recent Twitch stream, the Panic! at the Disco frontman let James Charles down gently, but essentially shut down the idea of a collab with the influencer – at least for now.

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"Not this year, dude. But, thank you," Brendon said during the stream when James offered to do his glam. "I'm not leaving my house for the rest of the year. How fuckin' ridiculous is that? This is the extent of my content until I do another album. I'm such a fucking lazy asshole."

When Brendon said, "I'm not leaving my house for the rest of the year..." I felt that.

James later explained how the situation went down from his perspective.

"Fricken' Brendon Urie, who I literally love, was on Twitch a few months ago and was like, 'omg I would love to have James Charles do my makeup.'"

"And now that I'm on Twitch I went and I subscribed to him so I could comment. And I was like, 'Brendon. King. Legend of music and all things amazing. Like, let me glam you, like we talked about,' and he was like: 'No thanks, I'm not leaving my house.' I was like, '...ok.'"


Sometimes you just gotta shoot your shot, though. Even if it's with Brendon Urie who says he's not leaving his house for the rest of the year.

Considering the fact that James has teamed up with tons of celebrities from the KarJenners to Liza Koshy, and more, we're sure his next collab will be just as epic as a sister sesh with Brendon.

What do you guys think? Would you want to see James Charles do Brendon Urie's glam?