James Charles is trying to find a boyfriend on TikTok and anyone can apply

31 January 2020, 15:29

Sam  Prance

By Sam Prance

James Charles has started his own TikTok Bachelor competition with his followers to find a new man.

James Charles has launched his own unofficial Bachelor competition on TikTok. The 20-year-old is searching for a boyfriend.

Fans of James Charles will already know that he's struggled with dating apps in the past. James is a Tinder user but the app kept banning and deleting his profile. In a tweet, he wrote: "hey @Tinder can you please stop deleting my account that I'm paying for??!! maybe if your customer service that I've emailed 4 times didn't f*cking suck we could've avoided this!!!!!"

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James was recently forced to shut down accusations that he lists himself as "female" on dating apps to match with straight men. He says he lists himself as androgynous and never tries to pursue relationships with straight men. He has also called out trolls creating fake dating app messages from him in a bid to go viral.

Now, James is turning to TikTok to find love.

James Charles is trying to find a boyfriend on TikTok
James Charles is trying to find a boyfriend on TikTok. Picture: Phillip Faraone/Getty Images, James Charles via TikTok

Yesterday (Jan 30), James posted a video on TikTok with the caption: "TIK TOK BACHELOR this may be the biggest mistake of my life but who knows what could happen?". In the video, he says: "Hi! James here. I can't believe I'm making this video right now but I feel like this can't hurt and I don't think it'll turn into a scandal either, so I guess here goes nothing..."

James then explains: "I made one major observation after downloading TikTok a few weeks ago and that is that this app is pretty much a dating app, let's be real. Everyone on here is either in a very cute relationship or is painfully single and, unfortunately for me, I fall into that second group of people. Surprise, surprise!

In 2020, however, I'm tryna change that okay, put myself out there a little bit more and I want to get wifed up. So, I wanna play TikTok Bachelor. "

He then describes himself: "My name is James Charles, I'm 20 years old and I'm 5,10. I'm from Los Angeles, California and I'm a Beauty YouTuber. So sometimes I look pretty and, when I don't look pretty, I have a pretty fun personality to make up for it."

"I'm a very hard worker but, in my free time, I like horror movies, escape rooms, singing with friends, eating at new restaurants and also I have fun nails for backscratching and cuddling."

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James ends the video telling viewers how they can apply to be his boyfriend. He says: "If those things are of interest to you, and you are a male, leave me a comment down below or I guess duet this video. Oh my god, what have I done."

The video has since racked up 1.4 million views and 28.8 thousand comments.

Will you be applying to become James' boyfriend?