Adam Ray Okay defends James Charles YouTube collaboration following backlash

25 March 2020, 12:03

Jazmin Duribe

By Jazmin Duribe

"You aren’t doing the community any favours by teaming up with an unapologetically racist and predatory influencer."

Adam Ray Okay has defended his recent YouTube collaboration with James Charles after receiving backlash from fans because of James' previous racist comments and impersonation of Adam's TikTok character Rosa.

Adam Ray Okay, real name Adam Martinez, received a glamorous makeover from James and discussed his upcoming plans for his viral TikTok character Rosa, in a new video titled "Dude Come Here... Giving Rosa A Makeover!"

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In the 13-minute clip, the YouTuber went to work scrubbing off Rosa's trademark "busted contour and highlight" and switching it up for a blue smokey eye look, while discussing how Rosa came to be.

Dude Come Here... Giving Rosa A Makeover!

Within 24 hours of the video being uploaded, it had amassed millions of views. However, many were upset with Adam for collaborating with James because of his past racist comments. In February, James was also called out for a "racist" impersonation of Rosa, who is Lantix.

People didn't understand why Adam would collaborate with James considering his past behaviour.

Adam has now addressed the backlash over the video on Twitter. He tweeted: "I take SO MUCH pride in who I am and where I come from. I’m so fucking happy I can represent my community all around the world to millions of people. If you don’t see the greatness in what I’ve been doing... idk what to tell u. Remain positive or leave [sic]."

This wouldn't be the first time an internet personality has caught some heat for collaborating with James, though. Earlier this month, Bretman Rock defended James after collaborating on a Song Association Game video. The YouTuber said that while he doesn't agree with James' past behaviour, and he doesn't excuse it, there's no excuse for all the hate that James receives.

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