Jameela Jamil says the Lea Michele 'can’t read memes' are "ableist" and not funny

5 September 2022, 13:39

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Sam  Prance

By Sam Prance

Lea Michele recently addressed the conspiracy theory that she can't read in a new interview.

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Jameela Jamil has defended Lea Michele and criticised people for sharing rumours and memes implying that Lea can't read.

If you've been anywhere near the internet lately, you will have likely seen an influx of memes suggesting that Glee actor Lea Michele can't read. It all started back in 2017 after One More Thing podcast hosts Jaye Hunt and Robert Ackerman joked that Lea couldn't read and then developed an actual conspiracy theory based on old interviews and videos of Lea.

The theory quickly spread across social media and inspired thousands of memes. Now, the memes have resurfaced again, following Lea's casting as Fanny Brice in Funny Girl on Broadway, and She Hulk's Jameela Jamil has called them out.

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Taking to Instagram (Sep 4), Jameela wrote: "I see a lot of people claiming a certain actress can't read... and then laughing at her. Whatever your issue with someone, and I don't know this woman, or anything about her, but laughing at the idea of *anyone* not being able to read makes YOU look like a prick. An elitist, ableist bore. It's embarrassing for you, not them."

Jameela then added: "Don't let the debris of your bullets meant for some... hit those you weren't aiming at. Some people can't read because of disability, learning disabilities, some can't because of a lack of access to education. Your words and actions also affect them. If you're so fucking smart, find a smarter way to insult the people you think are bad."

As it stands, Lea hasn't addressed Jameela's post but she has responded to the memes. Speaking to New York Times, Lea said: "I went to Glee every single day; I knew my lines every single day. And then there’s a rumour online that I can’t read or write? It’s sad. It really is. I think often if I were a man, a lot of this wouldn’t be the case."

While it's true that making fun of people for not being able to read is wrong, the majority of the Lea memes have not been made at the expense of people who can't read. They are instead poking fun at a conspiracy theory that has gotten out of hand. It goes without saying that there is nothing wrong with being illiterate.

Jameela Jamil says the Lea Michele can’t read memes are "ableist" and not funny
Jameela Jamil says the Lea Michele can’t read memes are "ableist" and not funny. Picture: Steve Granitz/WireImage, @leamichele via Instagram

What do you think? Are the Lea Michele can't read memes wrong?

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