The 'It's above me' meme is going viral after a man dragged a racist woman

4 June 2019, 15:28

Craig Brooks 'it's above me video'/Kendall Jenner laughing
Craig Brooks 'it's above me video'/Kendall Jenner laughing. Picture: Twitter:@craigonfridayy/E!
Jazmin Duribe

By Jazmin Duribe

Everyone's talking about the new "It's above me" meme.

The internet has the power to turn just about anything into a hilarious meme. Just take a look at the International SpongeBob memes and Love Island memes that exploded online this week. And now, a Holiday Inn Express worker has become a meme after he recorded himself calmly telling a woman she couldn't stay at the hotel after she racially abused him.

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The vile guest called Craig Brooks a "fucking nigger" on the phone while trying to book a room at the hotel in in Austin, Texas. Craig explained to her that the hotel had an automated reservation line, but she called back twice and demanded help with the booking.

However, after booking the room for her, the "hostile" woman racially abused him, which lead him to call management and ask how to handle the situation. Because of their zero tolerance policy for racism, Craig was told he could refuse to let her stay at the hotel.

So, when she arrived at the hotel front desk, she was shocked that Craig wouldn't let her stay because it was "above him" now.

The woman pleaded and pleaded with Craig, telling him she was sorry and upset because her *checks notes* mother had died? Even when her daughter, who was staying at the hotel with the rest of their family, tried to reason with him, Craig remained firm yet still polite.

"I'm sorry but it's above me. The Best Western is next door," he said. Craig then shared the recording to Twitter and his iconic line quickly went viral.

Soon, a meme was born.

Our Queen already knew.

Let your professor know!

Sorry, I don't have time today.

Paying loans? That's above me now.

Why is it always broken!?

Sometimes you've just got to tell them straight.

The perfect comeback.


Let the church say Amen.

However, since Craig became an overnight internet sensation, transphobic tweets dating back to 2017 have surfaced. In an interview with Buzzfeed, Craig insisted he's not "against" trans people, he's just not "with it." Ok then...