"I'm baby" memes are going viral and the jokes are wholesome af

25 March 2019, 18:27

I'm baby memes
I'm baby memes. Picture: Nintendo/Twitter Screenshot
Nicky Idika

By Nicky Idika

Why does it seem like everyone is suddenly tweeting the phrase "I'm baby"? The weird phrase has now become a meme and here's where it came from.

I'm baby. You've probably seen it online and chances are, somebody has said it to you in real life recently. "I'm baby" has become the internet's new absurdist rallying cry and you'll relate to it even if you don't know why. If you're a particularly sensitive soul, the now-viral phrase "i'm baby" will certainly speak to you on a deeper level.

People are admitting that they are, indeed, baby and you might just be baby, too.

What does "I'm baby" mean?

You might say "I'm baby" if you wish to express a softness or vulnerability about yourself. Don't try to apply some deeper meaning to the phrase, though.

"I'm baby" may also refer to a 2017 news story where a teenager saved her niece from a home intruder. The texts the teen exchanged with her mother during the ordeal contained a typo which read "I'm baby" instead of "i'm busy".

People have been sharing their funniest "I'm baby" jokes and memes and it's the perfect example of the internet's absurdist sense of humour.

uh oh.

I SAID what I SAID 🚼

All in a day's work.

NOW do you get it?!

Wait I must have missed this part of the bible...

My signs are vital...

And that's how it's done.

Ayyee shout out to this extremely specific yet highly relatable emotion.

The tea is hot today

Tan "i'm baby" France


In conclusion...

I'm baby. You're baby. We're all, in a sense, baby. Don't you just love the internet?