People are licking ice cream and putting it back on the shelf in a disgusting viral challenge

5 July 2019, 12:06

Man eating ice cream/Halsey looking at her phone.
People are licking ice cream and putting it back on the shelf in a disgusting viral challenge. Picture: Twitter:@GAYSHAWNMENDES/@halsey
Jazmin Duribe

By Jazmin Duribe

Just… why?

There's an alarming new trend that's circulating the internet right now and it makes the 'Cucumber Challenge' look tame. People are actually licking tubs of ice cream whilst out shopping and then putting it back on the shelves.

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The disgusting challenge started with a viral video of a woman opening up a tub of Blue Bell's Tin Roof ice cream, licking it and then putting it back in the freezer. Yeah, it's pretty nasty and unhygienic.

The incident allegedly happened at a Walmart in Lufkin, Texas, Dallas Morning News reported. Blue Bell has now confirmed that they have managed to track down the contaminated ice cream and remove it from the store. They have also taken all the Tin Roof-flavoured ice cream off of its shelves.

According to WLBT, Blue Bell is now working with police to find the woman in the video and bring her to justice. She could be charged with food tampering, which is a felony in some US states and carries a maximum sentence of up to 20 years in jail.

"We want to thank our consumers for alerting us to the incident this past weekend of a video posted to social media showing a Blue Bell item being tampered with," a statement on their website read. "We take this issue very seriously and are currently working with law enforcement, retail partners and social media platforms. This type of incident will not be tolerated."

The company also explained why their ice cream cartons don't come sealed, after they faced criticism over it. "During production, our half gallons are flipped upside down and sent to a hardening room where the ice cream freezes to create a natural seal," the statement continued. "The lids are frozen tightly to the carton. Any attempt at opening the product should be noticeable."


Sadly, a possible criminal charge and jail sentence hasn't stopped people from copying her.

It's not only ice cream either, people are starting to go for other products too.

Understandably, everyone's pretty disgusted.

In conclusion, people are absolutely filthy.