The "I literally have no idea who that is" meme is the definition of savage

1 February 2019, 14:41

Nicky Idika

By Nicky Idika

A 2017 tweet by the musician Russ has been turned into a new meme. "I literally don't know who that is" is the relatable response for any forgettable individual or scenario.

The "I literally have no idea who that is" meme is here to poke fun at all your favourite ill conceived disguises and embarrassing past hook ups. The internet has turned an October 2017 tweet by musician Russ into a meme and people are really seeing the potential of the simple eight word sentence.

People are texting their boyfriends "I want a baby" and the responses are savage

The meme isn't complex. Remember all the times your favourite TV characters put on a hat and glasses and, interestingly enough, everyone was like "I literally have no idea who that is"? Clark Kent? Hannah Montana? Scooby and Shaggy? You, know, the masters of putting on one item of clothing and being completely unrecognisable.

Perry the platypus aka The Master of Disguise

My...ex? I don't know...that

The second anyone brings up my ex, that's when they're getting hit with an "I literally have no idea who that is." Trust and believe.

Best of both worlds, ya know?

Hannah Montana's wig was not fooling anyone, okay? We knew she was Miley Stewart and we knew it all along. We were just humouring her.

If only this disguise worked for when I ran errands

Tell me how to make it so I stop running into everyone I've ever met during my 7pm wine runs.

Hate her? I couldn't even pick her out of a line up.

The incompetence jumped out.

The thing about Ted Bundy is that the law enforcement definitely needed to GET IT TOGETHER.

She'll bring honour to us all.

Dr. Strange, please advise.

Now there's a dog that can DRESS.

If somebody doesn't start listening to these kids!!!!!


The amount of times I've had to tell my mom that a person I used to be friends with no longer exists and I literally have no idea who that is. WHEW... staggering.