How to search for duets and stitches on TikTok

23 February 2021, 17:17

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Katie Louise Smith

By Katie Louise Smith

Looking for a way to see all the duets to one viral TikTok video? Here's how...

One of TikTok's best features is the way users are able to duet and stitch other people's videos. Whether it's a dance challenge, a viral question, a Ratatouille musical duet or a Sea Shanty remix, duets and stitches are always some of the most popular videos on the app.

But unlike on Twitter, where you're able to see everyone's quote replies at the click of a button, there's not really one specific button on TikTok that will show you all the duets on a certain video. There is a way you can manually search for them, though. And all you need is the original poster's username.

Here's how to see duets and stitches on TikTok videos

Here's how to search TikTok duets and stitches
Here's how to search TikTok duets and stitches. Picture: Chesnot/Getty Images, @missbeifong via TikTok

How to search for duets on TikTok

Thanks to a TikTok tutorial from @itsjackyflanagan, you can find all the duets linked to an original video by typing 'duet @[username of the video]' into the search bar. The search results will bring up the users most popular video, and show the most popular duets. If the user has more than one viral video, you may find a mix of videos in the search results.

You can also copy and paste the username into the search bar to avoid having to memorise it. To do this, go to the user's profile, and tap on their username. A bar should flash across your screen saying 'username copied'.

How to search for stitches on TikTok

To find all the stitches linked to one video, it's basically the same as finding the duets. Type 'stitch @[username of the video]' into the search bar.

So, if you wanna spend hours scrolling through all the 'What's a video that lives in your head rent free?' TikToks, search 'stitch @jessssthemess'. Or if you're looking for a never-ending supply of everyone's favourite celebrity interview moments, search 'stitch @missbeifong'.