The "heart rate meme" will reveal what really gets you excited

9 April 2019, 17:32

Nicky Idika

By Nicky Idika

"When I see my fave ship in the same image or speak in the slightest". People are turning their most pulse raising moments into a hilarious meme.

The heart rate meme may not be scientific, per se, but people are using it to reveal the tiny things that really get their juices flowing. The memes jokingly simulate spikes on a heart rate monitor that might occur when a person becomes excited stimulated.

People have been giving the heart rate meme treatment to everything from their favourite ships to their preferred foods and drinks.

Truer words...


When that "Run Away With Me" sax kicks in and your heart rate spikes, you cannot legally be held responsible for your actions.

Hello, bacon. My old friend.

This is... the worst feeling.

And this is... the best feeling.

Ahh yes, nothing like that moment of panic to really get that heart rate up.

If this doesn't happen to you at least 5 times a day then...I envy you.

I mean, even the dictionary is in on the meme.

Shout out to all the slow burn ships who rarely get any screen time.

Me, sitting down for my 3-hour movie.