People are baffled by this photo of a hair braid that looks like a penis

4 October 2019, 16:48

Viral hairstyle, Ariana Grande on Jimmy Kimmel.
Viral hairtsyle, Ariana Grande on Jimmy Kimmel. Picture: @robertaaarocha via Twitter, ABC

By Jazmin Duribe

Erm, is this what we think it is?

Everyday there's a new viral photo circulating Twitter, and this week we've already seen Faye Kinley's perfect response to an unsolicited dick pic. Well, now a photo of a woman's intricately braided hairstyle is causing some confusion and it'll take you about two seconds to figure out why…

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Basically, one Twitter user shared a photo of a woman's head with the caption: "You can only see it once." In the image, the woman appears to be in what looks like a hairdresser's chair.

Her hair is a bubblegum pink colour and features an intricate braid design running down the back of it. It's a pretty impressive style to be fair but, um, it kind of looks like a… penis.

People noticed that the braided pieces cascading down look like "veins" while the colour didn't quite help her case either.

The internet couldn't believe the optical illusion, proving we weren't the only ones confused.

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