The Green M&M has been redesigned and the memes are out of control

24 January 2022, 15:58

M&Ms have been given a redesign to be more “inclusive”

Katie Louise Smith

By Katie Louise Smith

"Give the green M&M her little hoochie heels back"

This week on the internet: The Green M&M has had her iconic white go-go boots taken away from her, and the memes about the whole situation are hilarious.

Last week (Jan 20), Mars announced that the beloved chocolate M&M'S characters would be getting a global rebrand in order to make them more "current" and "representative of our consumer."

According to The Hill, the company said in a statement that the characters will feature "an updated tone of voice that is more inclusive, welcoming, and unifying, while remaining rooted in our signature jester, wit and humor."

The changes are mostly in the character's shoes; the Yellow M&M has gone from low-tops to hi-tops, the Red M&M has gone from slip-ons to lace ups, and the Brown M&M has gone from a killer stiletto to a block kitten heel (an actual crime!).

But the Green M&M?! She's got a whoooole new vibe. Those coveted white go-go boots have gone, and have been replaced by sensible white trainers.

Speaking of the reasoning behind change in shoes, Anton Vincent, president of Mars Wrigley North America told CNN that the footwear is "a subtle cue, but it's a cue people really pick up on."

The Green M&M's new look has now sparked a ton of hilarious memes, and even wilder headlines including one from Rolling Stone that reads: 'Let the Green M&M Be a Nasty Little Slut'.

From comments about the 'de-yassification' of the Green M&M to jokes about her being expelled from Euphoria High School, here's all the funniest reactions to the rebrand.

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M&M'S have even responded to the conversation surrounding the go-go boots erasure. On Twitter, the brand replied to one user who wrote, "Go go boots are much better!," saying, "You try wearing them every day for 20 years straight?"

They also confirmed that the Green M&M has NOT "thrown them out."

Thank GOD we cleared that up.

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