Google Translate memes are going viral and they'll leave you in stitches

2 January 2020, 17:16

Google Translate, NeNe Leakes
Google Translate, NeNe Leakes. Picture: Google Translate, Bravo
Jazmin Duribe

By Jazmin Duribe

Are you ready for some new memes?

We might just be starting 2020, but the internet meme machine is already in full swing. The internet has provided us with the new Google Translate meme as an opening gift for the new decade.

In November 2019, wholesome Google Translate memes were having a moment on TikTok. But the update is a little different. Basically, all you need to do is head to Google Translate. Choose a great moment in pop culture and pull out an iconic line to insert in English and another chosen language. Google Translate will then read out what you've written in the two languages. Simple, right?

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The meme should finish with an edit of the scene or person. For example, if you choose French, the subject might be holding a baguette and wearing a beret – kind of like the hilarious French SpongeBob meme that we saw in May 2019.

People are taking the edits to the next level now.


A moment.

The GC never fails.



Where is the lie?




Queen of versatility.

Internet, never change.