This boy giggling has gone viral and now it's a hilarious meme

11 July 2019, 13:05

Fiseem Caroll laughing meme.
This boy giggling has gone viral and now it's a hilarious meme. Picture: Instagram:@seemyfromig
Jazmin Duribe

By Jazmin Duribe

We smell a brand new meme.

With Mercury in retrograde and our computers frazzled from all the cosmic shifts going on, we thought the internet would take a break from creating memes. However, the meme Gods have spoken and brought us a hilarious new meme – and who are we to argue?

Basically, the new meme on the block comes from makeup artist and YouTuber Fiseem Carroll, who unintentionally went viral. Fiseem was filming a video whilst trying on a wig and he erupted in laughter.

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"Do you know what I was laughing at?" Fiseem said in a YouTube video. "I was trying to start a video because I was about to start talking about something and I just started laughing out of nowhere."

It was there that the latest relatable meme was born.

Mother Nature is never on our side, smh.

Yewande's revenge.


And I oop–

You can't have your heartbroken if you don't have a heart.


No comment.

The lies. The lies. The lies.

Hot girl summer, where?

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