The Snapchat gender swap filter is already inspiring viral memes and reactions

13 May 2019, 20:13


By PopBuzz

Snapchat users are loving the new "gender swap" boy/girl filters and everyone is posting their best selfies.

Snapchat users are obsessed with the new "gender swap" filter on the platform and the internet's memes and reactions to it are already amazing.

Snapchat knows a thing or two when it comes to creating viral filters. Its latest phenomenon, the boy/girl gender swap filter, has people sharing photos of themselves with altered features like longer hair or rosy cheeks and, honestly, the guys posting selfies using the filter look gorgeous.

Girls using the boy filter will also find their features altered, including the appearance of thicker eyebrows and even facial hair.

People are impressed with how good the filter is making them look and loads of men online are sharing their best "girl" selfies.

The abundance of people using the Snapchat girl filter has also spawned some hilarious memes and reactions.

Boys, make sure to compliment your friends and tell them how good they look (always, but especially when they share their bomb girl filter selfies).

Basically everyone has been living their best lives using the filters and the shenanigans are gold.

Especially this icon...

What do you guys think? Are you loving Snapchat's new filter?