The Gabbie Hanna Escape The Night drama with Joey Graceffa and Daniel Preda explained

29 June 2021, 15:34

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Katie Louise Smith

By Katie Louise Smith

Joey Graceffa, Daniel Preda and Rosanna Pansino have both slammed Gabbie's recent claims about Escape The Night season 4 with videos of their own.

Joey Graceffa and Daniel Preda have responded to Gabbie Hanna's claims about her treatment on the set of the YouTube series Escape The Night season 4.

Over the past few weeks, Gabbie Hanna has been revisiting her biggest beefs, scandals and dramas back into the spotlight with her YouTube series titled 'STORYTIME: Confessions of a Washed-Up YouTube Has-Been.'

This week, Gabbie brought up the drama that went down on the set of Joey Graceffa's Escape The Night season 4, which aired in 2019. However, after releasing the video, Joey, Daniel and other cast members from that season have now said that Gabbie's claims are false and do not tell the full story.

Here's an explainer of what's been said about the whole thing in Gabbie's video and Joey's video.

What did Gabbie Hanna do? What happened on Escape The Night?

Gabbie Hanna: Escape The Night drama with Joey Graceffa and Daniel Preda explained
Gabbie Hanna: Escape The Night drama with Joey Graceffa and Daniel Preda explained. Picture: TheGabbieShow via Youtube, JoeyGraceffa via Youtube

What did Gabbie Hanna say about Escape The Night?

In a video titled 'Escape The Nightmare' on her YouTube channel, Gabbie decided to speak out about Daniel Preda and Joey Graceffa, who "talked shit about [her] publicly" after season 4 of Escape The Night.

Both Daniel and Joey have previously spoken about Gabbie's behaviour during filming. Daniel called her a "nightmare," and Joey also hinted that one person on set "made it hell".

Gabbie went on to say that she did not want to take part in Escape The Night season 4, after a bad experience filming season 2 and because of her own mental health situation at the time.

Gabbie then explained her experience on season 4, saying that her dietary requirements were not met despite her being forthcoming about her eating disorder and how that would affect her mental health, her costume requirements and the filming schedule. Gabbie also admits that she was unprofessional and can be difficult to work with.

Gabbie then showed screenshots of both Joey and Daniel accepting her apology, but later noted that they "threw her under the bus" by talking negatively about her on public platforms. Earlier in the video, Gabbie says, "Daniel and Joey are two of the biggest shit talkers on the planet."

Ch. 4: Escape the Nightmare

What did Joey Graceffa say about Gabbie Hanna's accusations?

Following Gabbie's video, Joey tweeted, “Lmaooooooo always playing the victim." He also added, “I’ve been very silent about how truly awful she was on set but if this is the game she wants to play.. let’s play b*tch.”

Joey then posted a 16-minute long video titled 'Gabbie Hanna Needs To Stop', in which he addresses Gabbie's claims. "What you did to me on Escape The Night is the reason we are no longer friends, and the reason why I talk badly about you," he says at the start of the video.

Joey said that Gabbie made life on set "a living hell" by "being disrespectful and rude and mean and foul to not only cast but crew." He continued: "Screaming at the director, demanding things, and calling a production assistant 'a dumb c***', is not how you act on set of one of your friend's – not even just your friend's, any set in general, that's not how you act."

In regards to Gabbie's dietary restrictions, Joey says that Gabbie did not fill out the requirements form until the day they were on set which meant the food she needed was not readily available. She also apparently didn't eat the food that Daniel bought for her himself.

Joey also said Gabby approved her costume in the first fitting and did not show up to the other two fittings. He also added that she was causing "so much chaos".

Joey noted that he didn't say her name once during public interviews about the series, but that Gabbie's past behaviour gave away who he was talking about. He is also now in the process of getting the raw footage and audio to show people "what it was actually like on set with [Gabbie] and the way that she acted."

Gabbie Hanna Needs to Stop

Joey also thanked YouTuber, HBO host and Escape The Night season 4 cast member Rosanna Pansino in his video, who responded to Gabbie's claims with a statement about the experience before Joey's video was released.

Rosanna wrote that Gabbie was "the most difficult, mean, and selfish person I've ever experienced on set," and that she had left out "key details" in her video.

What did Daniel Preda say about Gabbie Hanna's accusations?

Daniel Preda also responded to Gabbie's video with a tweet, reading: "It’s unfortunate to see myself & a show I worked extremely hard to produce for 4 years, painted in such a dark light in order to attempt another 15 minutes of internet relevancy. At best, it’s manipulative & delusional. You want the truth, but the question is, can you handle mine?”

Daniel also added that he will be releasing his own video at 10AM PST on June 29th: "Cutting 90+ min of footage to 30-45 is taking longer than expected. this is the only & final time I’ll be addressing this situation in full. I want the truth laid out on a platter w video, text, voice and photographic proof so there are zero questions asked."

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